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Ultimate gas detection with MSA's UltimaX and UltimaX3 series of self-calibrating gas monitoring systems for combustible gas, toxic gas and oxygen deficiency monitoring.  HART output is now available.
Full pipe averaging multi-point insertion magnetic flow meter for clean water applications and single point magnetic flow meter for both clean and dirty water.  These meters insert into a full and pressurized pipe through a two-inch full-ported ball valve and are designed for pipes from 4 to 120 inches in diameter.











Easy to understand water quality monitors for Free, Combined and Total Chlorine, De-Chlorination, Residual Sulfite, Fluoride, Residual Ozone, Free and Total Ammonia, Turbidity, Particle Counter, pH, Conductivity and gas detection on wet scrubbers for hydrogen sulfide, chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide.
















Industry standard pressure, differential pressure, temperature transmitters,  magnetic flow meters, pH, ORP and conductivity transmitters.  Analog only, HART, Foundation Fieldbus and FoxComm digital protocols available.  Standard five year warranty.














Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI) with flapper or shuttle indication.  Accessories include level switches and Eclipse guided wave radar level transmitters.  Suitable for all chemical storage tanks used in the water and waste water industries.

The municipal water and waste water division of Magnetrol Int'l offers:  Pulsar radar level gauging, guided wave radar level gauging, ultrasonic open channel and level measurement, thermal dispersion mass flow metering and switches, and rising disc flow switches for shower and eyewash stations.

Flumes, (Parshall, Palmer Bowlus, Trapezoidal and H-Type), Packaged Metering Manholes suitable for traffic loading.  Fiberglass corrosion resistant shelters for chemical or instrument housing.  Custom-made FRP level gauges and Foul-air bio-reactors.
















You need to ask for a catalog.  Dwyer has about everything.  Magnehelic pressure gauges for low pressure, Capsuhelic low pressure differential pressure, Photohelic low range pressure switches, Mercoid bourdon tube pressure switches in brass and stainless steel, WE Anderson vane-type flow switches, V6 low-flow switches, valves, air flow metering, and just about anything you can think of for your project.








AGM Electronics manufactures signal conditioning modules that can split analog signals, provide isolation, integrate flow signals for totalizing flows, and provide high and low alarms.  They offer modules to convert resistance to 4-20 mA DC, and V to 4-20 mA DC. adders, subtractors, linearizers, multipliers and now even Analog to Digital converters compatible with spread spectrum wireless transmitters.