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Plasti-Fab, Inc. is the industry leader in the manufacture of fiber-glass reinforced polymer (FRP) flume liners and packeged metering manholes.  They offer Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, Trapezoidal and H-Flumes in all sizes.  The flumes can be manufactured integrated into a FRP manhole ready for installation and burial.  The Packaged Metering Manhole (PMM) can be made suitable for H-20 traffic loading and connections to existing pipe are made using pipe-stubs, neoprene boots and stainless steel straps.  A clever contractor can install one of these and only cause the user a fifteen minute downtime.















Plasti-Fab, Inc. recently introduced their hydrogen sulfide odor scrubbing system which uses a patented natural composting material to eliminate odors commonly found in wet wells and other locations where raw sewage collects and can cause odor problems.