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The Marsh Multi-Mag is an averaging insertion magnetic full-pipe flow meter that inserts into lines ranging in size from 4 inches to 120 inches.  It has three or five sets of coils and electrode pairs to sample the flow profile from one side of the pipe to the other and can correct for uneven flow profiles caused by insufficient upstream pipe diameters from disturbances like elbows, tees and valves.  It is used in clean water applications only and is commonly used to pace chlorinators and measure the output from water wells.

The probe inserts through a two-inch full-ported ball valve and can be installed under live conditions.  That means this meter can be installed on pipes without the need to take the line out of service.  MAG Systems will visit the installation site once the ball valve has been installed and directly measure the pipe inside diameter, wall thickness and height of the nipple and ball valve.  That information is used by the factory to build the sensor to fit exactly in the pipe being metered.








































The new Model 285L transmitter/converter replaces the old Model 285 in it's wall-mounted plastic box.  This new converter offers a back lit LCD graphical display, up to eleven points of linearization and can be ordered for forward flow (M285L) or for both forward and reverse flow (M284L).

The enclosure is rated IP66 and mounts to a surface via an L-bracket to allow the converter to slide away from the wall and rotate to allow access to the back panel where the wiring is terminated.  We do not recommend rigid conduit be used for the input and output wiring.










The Marsh Single-Mag is a single-point insertion magnetic full-pipe flow meter that inserts into lines ranging in size from 2 inches to, well, whatever size you have.  The probes are available in a one-inch and a two-inch and insert into the pipe through 1-inch and 2-inch full-ported ball valves respectively.

Each Single-Mag ships with either a 12-inch, 24-inch or 36-inch insertion tube which allows you to perform a flow-profile measurement to establish a unique K-Factor for the probe.  In clean water applications, the probe is inserted to 1/8 of the diameter of the pipe.  In dirty water applications, it is inserted such that the probe barely peeks into the flow stream and takes advantage of the conical self-cleaning shape of the probe.